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spOOk's art. Graphite Portraits. - Web Log

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Special portraits for your friends and family. A perfect gift that lasts for hundreds or thousands of years.

This is an example of spOOk's art, showing four of the many stages as a pencil portrait is developed.


Did you know that dyslexic people are often gifted? There are many kinds of talents that can be developed
for someone who has difficulty with words. One of these is art.

I still have some trouble with spelling - a problem that plagued me for 35 years.

Over the last couple of years I've been writing a book: "Rendering Realistic Graphite Portraits". There is
now, enough information to make it quite useful, so I've decided to slowly release the chapters in my
web log . You can subscribe to the web log using the link to the left.

I am available to receive a commission for a personal portrait. For full details, see
This can be done via the internet, or if you live in Australia, it might be possible to have a live-sitting.


The child should read the words left to right. When a word that gets a little difficult, ask the child to sound it out. If the child can't say what the word is, then go on to the next one.

The person supervising the test will give one mark for each word correctly pronounced - even if the reader self corrects. The supervisor will not suggest corrections. No prompting. No hurrying. If the reader mis-pronounces slightly as in postage with a short 'o', the first time, then ask for the word again, marking it correct if the reader has self corrected. Otherwise, do not ask for a word to be re-read.

If you do not give away the pronunciation of words that the reader does not know, then this same test may be used again at a later date to assess progress as a result of a teaching programme.

tree little milk egg
book school sit frog
playing bun flower road
clock train light picture
think summer people something
dream downstairs
biscuit shepherd
thirsty crowd sandwich beginning
postage island saucer angel

ceiling appeared gnome canary
attractive imagine nephew gradually
smolder applaud
disposal nourished
diseased university orchestra knowledge
audience situated physics campaign

choir intercede fascinate forfeit
siege recent plausible prophecy
colonel soloist systematic slovenly
classification genuine institution pivot
conscience heroic pneumonia preliminary

antique susceptible enigma oblivion
scintillate satirical sabre beguile
terrestrial belligerent
adamant sepulchre
statistics miscellaneous procrastinate tyrannical
evangelical grotesque ineradicable judicature

preferential homonym fictitious rescind
metamorphosis somnambulist bibliography idiosyncrasy


Reading age = ( (Number of words correct) / 10 ) + 5